Better Brant produced this series of three videos in 2018 featuring insights and commentary from local Councillors, candidates representatives of local organizations, farmers and citizens from Brantford-Brant.

They are well worth the time to watch. Please share!

Residents throughout the County of Brant have concerns with the rapid pace of development and sprawl. In this first in the series of 3 videos from @BetterBrant, we present some thoughtful critique on the historic mega-annexation of farmland by Brantford from the County of Brant, and compare the costs of sprawl and smart growth. Interviews feature concerned members of the local National Farmers Union, County of Brant Councillors and local former candidates.
In the second installment in this video series by @BetterBrant, the focus here is on the critical role of agriculture in the local economy and the intense pressure on agricultural land in Brant County. Developers “leap-frog” over the Greenbelt and have bought up farmland in Brant County, and are applying pressure on the Brantford and Brant County Councils to approve development. Insight and commentary is provided by local members of the National Farmers Union, the Langford Conservancy, new farmers, concerned local Councillors and past political candidates. Please check out the Langford Conservancy ( to learn more about their work to support the future of local farming.
The focus of this 3rd and final video in the video series from @BetterBrant is on Water Protection and the Grand River Watershed. Some attention is given to threats to the system, including aggregate extraction operations – specifically one on a wellhead protection area. There are remarkable views of the Grand River along with discussion of ongoing local efforts to protect water sources. Wonderful insight and commentary is provided by concerned County of Brant Councillors, a member of the National Farmers Union, a local naturalist and a former political candidate. Kari Raymer Bishop, a local concerned civics teacher and beekeeper advises us: “Get involved. The personal is political. Let them know you’re paying attention”.