Take Action

Help Stop Sprawl in the County of Brant: Have your say on the New Draft Official Plan

Please send a letter in your own words to officialplan@brant.ca and Members of Brant County Council 

Mayor David.Bailey@brant.ca,

Ward 1, St. George 

John.MacAlpine@brant.ca, 519.757.9359

John Wheat john.wheat@sympatico.ca, 519.448.1648

Ward 2, Northeast, North, Northwest Paris 

Marc Laferriere <Marc.Laferriere@brant.ca>, 226.934.7379

Steve Howes <Steve.Howes@brant.ca>, 519.442.4955

Ward 3, Downtown Paris, south Paris

John.Bell@brant.ca, 519.209.2277

John Peirce <John.Peirce@brant.ca>, 519.442.7134

Ward 4: South of Hwy 403, west of Rest Acres, Burford, Scotland, Falkland, Cathcart, Muir, Gobles, Princeton, New Durham, Fairfield Plain, Kelvin

Robert Chambers <Robert.Chambers@brant.ca>,  Ward 4, 519.449.2633 

david miller <jedamiller@sympatico.ca>, Ward 4, 519.449.1240

Ward 5: South of Hwy 403, east of Rest Acres Rd, Oakland, Oakhill, Cainsville, Onondaga, Middleport, Burtch, Mt. Pleasant, south of Powerline Rd (east Brant)

Joan Gatward <Joan.Gatward@brant.ca>, Ward 5,  519.446.0060

Brian Coleman <brianatbridgeview@gmail.com>, Ward 5, 519.753.2798