Submitting Comments to the Environmental Registry of Ontario (ERO)

Submit comments on the Proposed Amendment to the Greater Golden Horseshoe Growth Plan, 2017. To access the Environmental Registry of Ontario regarding the changes to the Growth Plan visit This proposal is linked to three other associated proposals – you are also able to make comments on these linked proposals. You can submit the…

Envisioning Brantford – Municipal Comprehensive Review Part 1: Employment Strategy, Intensification Strategy, Housing Strategy and Land Needs Review of the Conformity of the Recommended Alternative Density with Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe Policy (a)

Kevin Eby RPP provides analysis to show that Brantford’s application for a proposed alternative density of 52 residents and jobs per hectare does not conform to the current requirements of the 2017 Growth Plan Policy.

Stop Sprawl: Critique of Envisioning Brantford

Stop Sprawl: Critique of Envisioning Brantford

Comments due February 8, 2019 Submit to: Alan Waterfield and Joshua Schram Background: The Public Information Centre for the City of Brantford Official Plan Review was held January 17, 2019. The presentation, easel boards, and table discussion sheets can be found´╗┐ Over the past decade, Brantford has failed to meet the Growth…