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Dear Planning Staff,

In 2017, Brantford and Brant County negotiated a 9,000-acre mega-sprawl deal. Brantford annexed 6,700 acres of mostly prime farmland from Brant County, and agreed to extend water and sewer services to Cainsville and the airport community to enable development of another 2,150 acres of mostly prime farmland.

We do not want to see any more farmland lost to sprawl.

We do not support the request to extend the urban settlement boundary of Cainsville to include the Papple farm. It is prime farmland and natural heritage land.

We support the requests of Better Brant to reduce sprawl and protect our environment and climate:

  • no more settlement boundary expansions
  • protect farmland and natural heritage
  • no conversion of employment land to residential
  • reduce our carbon footprint, create compact walkable communities within settlement areas that have servicing
  • higher density for residential (infilling) and employment lands (promote more jobs per acre)
  • sprawl is expensive, adds to climate change, has negative health impacts and leaves taxpayers paying more taxes to subsidize new development
  • sprawl brings more commuters “Transportation is the biggest source of climate pollution in Ontario …(a)nd a big portion of that comes from cars commuting back and forth pumping carbon into the air” (Mike Schreiner, Ontario Green Party leader, Guelph MPP)
  • higher density protects farmland, reduces our carbon footprint, builds community, and protects farmland and natural heritage.

Thank you,

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