photo ground water enters Grand River from rocky banks

Webinar: How to Speak Up on How and Where to Grow Ontario’s Greenbelt – Information Session for Greenbelt-West

Now available to view! On Wednesday March 10, 2021 a webinar was hosted by CELA (Canadian Environmental Law Association). This virtual event featured local speakers from Brantford Brant Wellington and CELA to help understand what is at stake, and how to have your say about the consultation and support the expansion of the Greenbelt.

Ontario’s Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing is seeking feedback on ways to grow the size of the Greenbelt. This consultation is an important opportunity for Brantford-Brant and other communities in the Greater Golden Horseshoe Region to alert and remind the province about the importance of protecting, maintaining, restoring, and improving natural areas, waters, and farmlands. Currently a large portion of the Grand River watershed and the Paris Galt Moraine are left out of the Greenbelt. Comments can be submitted for this consultation, but there is not much time! Comments are due April 19, 2021.

Speaker List:

  • Anastasia Lintner, Canadian Environmental Law Association 
  • Joan Faux and Ella Haley, Langford Conservancy and Sustainable Brant/Better Brant
  • Mary Lou Knechtel, Brant Land Trust 
  • Mike Marcolongo, Protect Our Moraine, Guelph
  • Dave Neumann, former mayor of Brantford, provincial MPP, and defender of the Greenbelt 
  • Marc Laferriere, Councillor – Ward 2 County of Brant 

Visit the CELA site to learn more

Watch the webinar